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Contingent Search

Our contingent recruitment service leverages our extensive networks to quickly identify and select the right candidates for our clients' roles. We continuously expand our networks across all major industries, giving us connections to top talent in every market segment. This allows us to keep ideal candidates top of mind when filling a new position. Having such focused networks in specialized areas lets us immediately recognize the stand-out individual who would be the ideal fit. This deep bench of relationships is the true advantage we offer through our contingent search process.

Our contingent search process provides immense value for both clients and candidates. We have cultivated a broad network of specialized talent across many fields. Job seekers are eager to connect with us because our niche focus allows us to present exciting opportunities tailored to their expertise. This gives us access to exceptionally skilled candidates for any role, enabling us to quickly deliver an impressive slate of qualified individuals to fit our clients' needs. The enthusiasm high-caliber professionals have to partner with us is a testament to our ability to make strategic matches between organizations and talent. By leveraging our deep connections in key industries, we can produce exceptional results through our contingent search services.


Retained Search

Our retained executive search service is a customizable, thorough approach tailored to each client's specific hiring needs. Unlike contingent recruitment, retained search allows us to conduct an in-depth process from start to finish. We take the time to deeply understand our client's organization, culture and objectives so we can identify the most strategic matches at the executive level. Our rigorous vetting and assessment provides clients with complete confidence in the candidates we present. With retained search, clients partner directly with our experienced experts to craft a recruiting plan specific to the executive role, with no limits on time or access to our networks. We shape the process around the client, ensuring a comprehensive search that yields results based on a deep understanding of the organization and position requirements. Our retained approach goes beyond simply filling a role, to finding leadership that aligns with and advances our client's goals.

Our unique & flexible search structure guarantees every search is tailored specifically to our partner’s needs, ensuring the entire process is diligent & stress free from start to finish. We not only provide recruiting process guidelines, candidate pipelines and networks — we also provide a know-how to navigate the waters when handling delicate situations and negotiations.

Our constant market research & exceptional expertise allows us to offer services such as writing job descriptions, consulting on future positions & providing a full, 360 map of the labour market.

Over 70% of our searches utilise the retained method.

01 Exclusive Candidates Retained Search offers the chance to access high-calibre talent that may not necessarily be actively seeking new opportunities, or available through other recruitment methods.
02 High Confidentiality Retained Search offers a high level of confidentiality, critical for executive and sensitive positions. This ensures an ability to explore talent without disruption for your current organizational structure.
03 Commitment Retained Search allows us to dedicate full attention and heightened resources to the search assignment, resulting in a comprehensive candidate evaluation and higher chance of successful placement.
04 Speed and Efficiency Retained Search accelerates the recruitment process with full focus on the assignment. A set timeline from the start ensures a significant reduction in the time to hire.


PSL Search

As a preferred vendor, we become an integrated partner responsive to your ongoing hiring needs. This close collaboration allows us to deeply understand your organization's culture, values and talent needs over time. Leveraging us as part of your preferred supplier list enables FLS Search to immediately identify and present exceptionally qualified candidates tailored to each opening. Because we know your company so well, we only suggest individuals who are an ideal fit. This partnership enhances both the quality and efficiency of your hiring, with us recommending top talent right from the start of the process.

Our goal as a chosen long-term partner is to provide unmatched service that has us top of mind whenever you require external recruitment expertise. By working closely as your preferred talent provider, we are able to deliver the highest caliber of search capabilities customized to your organization. This method helps us find and secure leaders who will seamlessly align with your culture while driving impact from day one.

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My recent experience with Luke Stead

TMy recent experience with Luke Stead was very positive. He was updating me regularly throughout the recruitment process and providing feedback and outcome of the interviews. At every stage he was very consistent in following up. Equally he was able to articulate well my expectations and helped navigate the discussions around my offer and contract. I felt supported and that my interests were being taken care of. Luke was very professional, considerate and attentive which contributed to the successful outcome for both sides.

Krastina Stevenson - Quality & Food Safety Director
United Kingdom

Excellence in recruitment

Excellent experience working with Luke and Andrew. I have received prompt and professional support during the interview process. The team of Irving Knight provided due diligence service and has shown a deep comprehensive understanding of matching candidates with company candidate requirements and business culture.

Alex Kozyr - Business Development Manager

Excellent consulting service

The accompaniment by Luke was very professional. During the entire recruitment process I was accompanied discreetly and competently and successfully placed. Luke personally inspired me with his manner and was always available for questions. Thank you!

Petra Winters - Employee Experience Specialist